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Hazelnut Honey Whole Wheat Bread Success!

Mmm.... I've never made bread from scratch before with yeast and all that. Not sandwich bread at any rate. In an effort to eat healthy I've been trying to make all my food. This was pretty darn good!

3 Cups white flour
2 packages dry active yeast
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 cup water
1 cup cottage cheese
4tbsp butter
1/2 cup honey
2 eggs
2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup rolled oats
2/3 cup hazelnuts, chopped

Combine flour, salt and yeast. Heat water, cottage cheese, butter and honey in a saucepan until just under boiling. Stir in remaining ingredients. Knead until smooth and elastic. Let rise until double in size, then punch down and place in two laf pans. Let rise 1 more hour and bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Brush with butter.

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wow! looks delicious!!!!!!!!!! may i have the recipe, please? one of my resolution for 2012 is to eat and live healthy and lose weight. hahaha.

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Recipe added! XD It's really yummy! I cut it in half to make only one loaf, though.

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thanks! i can't wait to try!!!!!

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looks good! recipe please!

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Added the recipe! I hope you enjoy it~

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Wow...that looks good...I wish I could eat it too...
You're so awesome...XD

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*drooling* uhhh, food picssss!!! Looks delicious! I want it too!!XD

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forget the recipe send me the bread ::drool::

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Looks yummy. Thank you for the recipe. :)
Err...I have a question: can I use only whole wheat flour, instead white flour also?
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I was thinking about that, and I don't see why not... I'd have preferred to do that, but was worried it would effect the recipe. I think it may make a bit of a denser bread, but probably would still be really good.

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It looks delicious.
Thank you for the recipe.

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Hmm, sounds easy enough, I'd like to try this too! I don't have a knack for cooking or baking at all, so hopefully I won't screw this up! Thanks for the receipe!

Btw, I also wanted to thank you for mentioning Daily Lives of High School Boys. I finally gave in to give it a try since the duel siren's call of Sugitan and SuzuKen was too hard to resist. Just finished the first ep and I already love it!! I'm still not a fan of the animation style (wish it was prettier and fancier), but the writing makes up for it. I love that it's basically Azumanga Daioh except with boys. Totally cute and funny! This was what I had hoped Kimi to Boku would be but it never lived up to my expectations so thank you so much for the rec!

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I'm glad you like it! I agree about the animation style. It's too bad, but if they put all the money into the voice actors, i'm happy about it. It was worth it. XD

If you make the bread let me know how you like it. You can use any kinds of nuts you have on hand. I'm not particularly good with baking either, and this loaf had a slightly undercooked spot in the middle when I got there. D: Hopefully my next attempt will be better.

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Lol, just realized I had a boatload of grammar and even spelling mistakes in my original response! That's what I get for trying to sneak in a quick reply during work.

I will definitely let you know when I try it out!