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Lady Phantomhive ([personal profile] ladyphan) wrote2012-01-11 12:26 am

A very unique Christmas gift!

A good friend of mine who lives in California sent me a holiday package, including this unique gift! It's raised some interesting questions in my mind, so I've decided to ask them. ^^[Poll #1809864]

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so coolllll! *_* I want one of these too! but I don't know if I would actually eat one of these XD

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Hehe! Then we had the same first reaction.

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i live in sf, california. I dont see why it isnt legal everyone does it (not m ethough) hahah

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Wow, I was never expecting that. xD

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just curious..did you eat it? ;)

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o, and can I steal this pict? My friend loves this kind of stuff.

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I ate some of it. Honestly it was pretty gritty and icky from being through the mail. And sure you can use the pic.

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Sounds gross..I hope you atleast got a good buzz from it hehee

thank you <3
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lmao If u got nothing else planned for the day, lock all doors and windows and omnomnom on dat ho XD

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Cannabis is a drug like any other medicine. There are a lot of scientific researches proving that. If you are still afraid, make a research in places you trust.
But, like any other medicine, don't overdo it!!! =D

(I would eat it for sure! I love brownies!)

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XD Trust me, I have no fear of Cannabis. ^^ I was just curious as to what other people think. It was disgusting and extremely effective. ^^

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Wow! That looks possitively delicious! I don't know why it shouldn't be legal. It helped my mother through her pain during her cancer treatment (though we had to smuggle it in and hide it in, you guessed it, brownies! 'cause she frowns upon all of those "hippie-like druggies".) and the remaining helped my brother and I to sleep better at night when we were too stressed.

And yes, I would definitely eat it, it's funny at first

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It wasn't as delicious as I thought it would be, but extremely effective. XD

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Really? That's a shame... I baked my own for my mom and we all liked them (she doesn't know she was eating cannavis, even to this day, she thought it was some other "herb"). Maybe the mixture didn't put into account the herb? n__ñU

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Go for it, I'd say! Provided you have a free day. Invite some friends over and watch some stupid movies at the same time. ^^
I wouldn't really expect it to affect you that much given how far down on the list of ingredients the medicinal marijuana is, especially if you've never tried marijuana before. Most people report nothing but a mild case of the giggles or a gentle feeling of calm the first time they try. Just don't eat the whole packet in one go. XD

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XD I've been smoking for the last 10 years at least, so I'm certainly not a newbie. I ate about 3/4 of it and it was incredibly potent, as well as fairly disgusting from going through the mail. Gritty. T_T

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Haha~! I thought you were asking because you were a nervous newbie or something and you didn't know whether you should eat it or just throw it out! XD
Shame about the flavour though. Nothing beats a good made-from-scratch brownie I guess. ;P

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i want to try eat it, though i don't know its healthy or not. even when its medical.

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The unhealthiest part about it is that it's a brownie. XDDD And not an incredibly tasty brownie...

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To me it just looks like it wouldnt taste so good. Though i'd still eat it myself. I like edibles anyway

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Damn you're so lucky! ><
I tried to make this some time ago a fail epicly...still ate it though XD
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Cannabis is Type 5 for drug scale in thailand

jail time its between under 1 year to 15 years

or/with pay fee 10.000 ~ 150.000 THB ( 312 ~ 5,000 $)

End of story......

PS. (Type 1 for drug scale punishment is Life Time jail or Executed )

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I would eat it. Put a brownie in front of me and I'll pretty much eat it regardless of what's in it as long as chocolate is the primary flavor xD;

And medical marijuana is legal where I live. We had to vote to make it legal twice though before the politicians actually took the hint :P