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My life in words and photos ver.?? I dont remember...

Do you ever sit awake at night and ponder: "Just who is this Lady Phantomhive person?!"

I know I do!

Here's a chance for the both of us to get some much needed answers! In part something-or-other of these "about your scanlator" posts, feel free to ask me prying questions about my life, scanlation team, pets, school years, thoughts on politics, or just about anything you could possibly think of. You may also ask for pictorial evidence of any aspect of my life- My new house, my strange bear-cat, my plants or books or whatever you're interested in (as long as it's not me!) I'll take a picture and post it in response to your comment. Let's explore the life of Lady Phantomhive together! <3

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is that a sword?

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Yep! It's a wooden sword for practicing kendo. ^^

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Is there a windows in your room? If there is, can you post a picture of the view?

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If you mean my bedroom window, it's this one. ^^ That's Pharaoh mountain in the background, although it looks like hill. lol

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Wow! I like ur book shelves. Simple yet lovely! XD. Maybe for the next is ur strange bear-cat, :p

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Thanks! Here's the strange bear-cat. She was unhappy I woke her up. XD

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One word to comment your collection: DAMN.

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XD Thanks!

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wow. i wish i had your collection *.* which are English and which are Japanese in your collection ? I assume those on the top left are the doujinshi

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There's two shelves of doujinshi on the left, but besides that the English and Japanese books are just mixed in together. I have no idea how many I have. ^^;

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wow! I love the shelves! so is it all food for the brain or do you have a real kitchen too?!! lol

your cat really looks hugable!

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I do! I have an amazing little kitchen that suits me very well. Here's an aerial view from the stairs to the loft:

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I like your bookshelves!
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Thanks!! ^^

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omg ur manga collection is amazing! i envy you <3

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Thanks, honey! That's just the tip of the iceberg. ^^

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otaku-kendo-cat-lady! we have something in common (^^)
your place looks amazing! i think i spot a neko-chan on the kitchen floor.
any pic of the living/lounge room?

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I probably should have turned the light on before I took this picture. There's no wall separating the living room and the kitchen. Honestly I don't use it too much, particularly not in the winter when there's nothing much to look at.

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That view out your window looks awesome...can you show us more of the wilderness that is surrounding your home?

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This is what it looks like now, since it's so snowy out there. ^^

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that is one bigggg kitchen!!! darn I think my studio apt is going to fit in there!

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The whole downstairs of the house is an open kitchen and sitting room. The house is small but it's very airy and open because there are few walls. ^^

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You know, more than the manga and the doujins in that top pic, I love you for that sword. That is one awesome bokutou ( at least that's what I think those wooden swords are called XD ).

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Gin-san made me do it. XDDDD

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LOL jkjkjkjk.


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Sorry to butt in but--

1) That is an awesome thing to request XD

2) Heero!

3) I've been wondering this for a long time, but how do people make that little lj icon next to their lj username look different? Yours looks different than others'...

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This is super fun to read. The questions I otherwise would have asked have already been asked so I will ask this instead! (how many 'asks' can I put in one sentence?)

What kind of plant is that on your living room table + can we see a closer picture of it? And do you have any stories related to any plants that you want to share (maybe with pictures of those plants to go with it if pertinent)?

PS: your house is soooo awesome. I love it. I guess I'm asking a lot of questions at once here but do you have the whole house all to yourself?

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You can ask as many questions as you want! XD

The plant on my living room table actually DOES have a story behind it! It's a baby blue spruce. My mother knew I wouldn't put up a christmas tree in my house just for me (Yes, I do live alone) and I don't really like the idea of cutting down trees for this purpose, So she bought me a potted christmas tree. XD Now that christmas is over, it's just a fun house plant that still has some sparkles on the leaves from shedding ornaments. ^^

Here's a picture of it in its decorated splendor. You can see that I just sorta set the star on top so it wouldn't fall. XD It's a sad christmas tree but I think it's freaking cute.

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Can we see an outline of your daily schedule?

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Sure! Every day it goes something like this:

Wake up and check emails from my phone, then groan and throw my glasses on, push my cat off and make a pot of coffee.

Respond to emails from staff and such for a time, then work on some upcoming projects in photoshop until I feel awake enough to package up the sales.

Package the sales and go to the post office.

Home where I make something to eat at last, RP with friends for a while on twitter while doing website tinkering and adding books to the sales piles and doujinshi sales websites.

Scan books if there are books that need to be scanned.

Make more coffee and drink it, maybe watch something on Hulu.

More emails and project work until it's late and I'm tired. Watch documentaries for a while before bed to keep my brain working, then crash out under my cat for a 4-5 hours before starting all over again.

Since this website and the sales site are a full time job, I can work from home and be nocturnal as I please. My day normally starts early in the morning while it's still dark for several hours and by the time I hit the post office it's just opening.

That's about all of it! ^^;

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Your house is soo cute! I'm so jealous of your manga collection

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herp derp.





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My favorite pair of socks are the ones with the black and white stripes and stars up the side that go up to my knees. They're in the wash right now, but you know the ones. ^^ Too bad there's a hole in the toe.

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;A; I want your house!!! It looks so perfect and cozy

uhhh how about a pic of your work station

and a question

how isolated are you or how far are you from the nearest town?

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My work station just had some new additions to it. ^^ It's basically the whole loft area. The nearest town is only a few minutes away, but it's a SMALL town. Like one super overpriced tiny family owned grocery store and a gas station. The first REAL civilization is about 40 minutes in any direction. It's pretty remote.

Please excuse the mess and the cat fur she leaves everywhere.

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lol. Here's another strange question (inspired by your wooden sword). If you had a mystery intruder in the middle of the night what weapons do you have within arms length to stealthly catch them by surprise (ahem someone trying to steal your manga).

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That's a FABULOUS question!! I hope I don't freak you out with the answer...

I'm not sure how clear they are in this picture, but I keep a set of military issue wooden nightsticks on the top of the red built in storage to the door just in case of... I have no idea. There's a lot of drunks in the backwoods and I'm a girl living alone. ^^; I can use them, so hopefully I'll frighten someone enough to make them back off without actually having to. I'm a lover, not a fighter, I swear. lol

Oh, and the super ugly woodsman clothes are for my darling father when he comes to chop wood or mow the grass up here.

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Did you get the Doujinshi I sent you?

Copying everyone else: That's a good collection - Can you show us pics of ALL of your anime/manga/etc merchandise?

I love the modern yet minimalism look of your house. The only downfall for me would be the weather lol. How about you? Are there any downsides?

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Hey Darling!
I never received them. T^T I have no idea what happened or why. I've asked the post office and they haven't seen them. I'll let you know if they turn up! What a bummer!

I'd like to take pictures of the rest of my manga, but a whole bunch of it is still in Tennessee with my old roommate since it didn't fit in my car on the trip back. All of my anime DVDs and hundreds of posters are there, too. The only things I have here right now are the little trinkets on my desk and that yellow expanse of bookcase with manga and doujinshi on it. you're only missing one section on either side of what you can see. It takes up the whole wall of my loft and for the life of me i can't get it all in one picture.

The only downsides I've really experienced around here so far is the lack of civilization. Not that I mind most things, but being so remote causes the prices in the tiny lame grocery store to be insane, and on my life of only donations and doujinshi sales I haven't been able to afford to go there a lot. That forces me to drive into the next real town that has an actual grocery store, and that's over 40 minutes away. I only make the trip about once a month.

I'm a bit of a recluse, but my friends have a hard time getting to me since I'm pretty far away from any of them. Truthfully that's about it. I love it here, even if it's damn cold. Far warmer than when I lived in Montana, though! Brr~

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Your collection makes me so jealous. ;A;

Pics of three of 'em that you love the most + A pic of your bear-cat being all cute and snuggly? <3

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I wasn't totally sure what you meant by "three of them", so I took three pictures of the things that matter the most to me in this room, and of course a picture of my tubby bear-cat trying to get me to pet her. She does this little stomping thing with her foot until I look at her, and when I do, that's what I see.

Here's a picture of the three little Momiji's my father bought me for Christmas. They're totally my style and behind them is a hand-knitted white kitty cat my mother made for me. They live on the hutch of my desk.

title or description

Next my favorite doujinshi from my personal collection. They live up there on the top shelf. Mostly Murakami, Nitro Koutetsu, 7Men Zippo and Zerohaku.

title or description

As odd as it may sound, I love this corner. This is the table where I keep all my inventory and store related stuff and where I package shipments and set aside hold piles. I love my job.

title or description

Last but not least is my softly smiling, short tailed bear-cat. ^^

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Your place is amazing. I love the wood everywhere & the view must be wonderful to look at everyday. I'm so jealous. And I love your cat she looks grumpy all the time, sooooo cute. You a lucky person to have found such a great place.

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Aww~ Thank you! That's so nice of you to say!! <3

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I love your kitchen, can you share pictures of what kinds of food/meals you make? Anything from fancy to lazy?
your adorable bear-cat makes me wanna cuddle it, so pretty and cute!
your scenery makes me think of werewolves lol

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Werewolves?! Well.. I suppose I always think of serial killers, so that's fine. XDD

You posted this at a good time, because I just made myself dinner. Ready for this? XD Mm~ Granola and water.

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Eeek... you practicing kendo?? Me too! :D :D
Did you join Kendo Dojo ?

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Yes, when I was living in Albany, but since I've moved there isn't one for hours around. T_T Now I just practice. ^^

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How many dj and food for the brain you have? =3 (sorry, just had to ask XD).

I love your house! So airy!!

And... what is your favorite food? =3

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I have absolutely no idea how many doujinshi and manga I have. Hundreds, but I've never counted. ^^;

My favorite food is Indian curry but there's no place to buy anything like that around here unfortunately. T_T

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