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Title: Wall (Kabe)
Circle: ABee
Fandom: Hitman Reborn
Pairing: The wall x Gokudera (I shit you not), Dino x Gokudera
Rating: R18
Language: English
Cover Scan: [ profile] rodicks 
Scanlation by Lady Phantomhive

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So while exploring the grounds of the house that I'll be moving into in September in the Adirondacks, I found this...thing in the grass. This is a pretty remote location, and I have no idea what it is. I first thought it was some kind of trap, and poked it with a stick. It's made by 3M and my father and I just have no idea in hell what this thing could be. Anyone recognize it? Click to enlarge.

UPDATE! THIS CONUNDRUM HAS BEEN SOLVED by [ profile] amy_mundo !!
This is an electrostatic animal guard. CLICK HERE for more info~!

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I stumbled upon "Sleeping with Hinako" a couple weeks ago and downloaded it thinking it was porn. I watched it (some of it in fast forward) and I just couldn't figure out what I was watching. I put it on my desktop to try to think on it, but I just have no fucking clue, so I figured I'd ask you all. This is a 45 minute video of Hinako sleeping.  I mean, there's a few minutes of her talking or getting up in the morning, but the vast majority of this... this thing... is Hinako sleeping.
But why??
Yes, she's wearing a skimpy little nightie with the tendency for strap slippage, but there's no real nudity and no overt sexual contact. This movie is about YOU and Hinako. She asks to hold your hand as she falls asleep, and then sleeps. And sleeps... and sleeps some more. She tosses and turns, sometimes revealing glimpses of panties, but it's far from what I'd call pornography. So it's just an ecchi movie? But what a boring movie! I mean, how can that be the point? "Here's a somewhat hot movie of a girl who sleeps?"
So I started thinking deeper- Is this a "Company" film for lonely otaku? A hot girl to fall asleep beside? Is this a fetish film? Ok, I can see that... so which fetish? Voyeurism? Panties? Innocence? SLEEP?
Really, what the fuck is this?
You can download the torrent file for the .mkv here if you'd like to see for yourself. It's subbed by Chihiro.

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