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We sell a lot of Reborn doujinshi, but I'm never sure what pairings to purchase the most of. Consider the below pairings reversible, and choose the ones you most frequently. I know I left out like 20 million possible pairings, but these are the ones I tend to find most easily for resale. If there's a particular pairing that you're dying for, leave a message and I'll see what I can find for you. [Poll #1615683]
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So I've been curious about this for a while...I think mainly because I know I'm probably on the older side of things around here. I certainly don't mind, but because I barely know anyone in my personal life who is interested in yaoi and my scanlations, I really don't know my readers at all. I'm not posting this on the community because It just feels too damn nosy. I've always thought that my readers shouldn't have to tell me anything about themselves they aren't comfortable sharing. Yaoi, especially the hard, dirty kind we tend to do, can be a very personal thing that not everyone is interested in admitting to enjoying. And yet... I'm still just so curious! [Poll #1590494]

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