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I HAVE NETS! It wasn't as bad as I thought being without the net. I have good trustworthy staff who have done a fabulous job keeping up with things while I was gone, and I was able to twitter RP for ages on my phone. Without that, I'd have probably lost my mind in all the paint fumes. XD

So I've begun the painting and unpacking process at the same time. Not the brightest idea, but I had to break into my books before I went nuts. The house is not anywhere near done, paint wise. Still white primer on most of the walls, but that will change soon. Lots of interesting colors going on around here... Bright yellows and some interesting muted greens... My father wanted to make the color choices interesting I suppose.

Anyhow, the house is two levels plus a basement, one bedroom, two bathrooms and a conjoined living room and kitchen. My study is up in the loft, which overlooks both the stairs going down to the first floor on one side, and the living room and kitchen on the other. It's lined with built in bookcases that I had to use about 70 coats of yellow on. I've started unpacking my books, but it's a LONG process. Because my sound system is connected to my computer up in the loft, the sound in the house is amazing. It basically turns the loft into a giant speaker box. Great for doing dishes or cooking.

Normally I cover most of the windows in my computer and bedroom area, but I've done well leaving them uncovered so far. There's only woods around here, so I don't have to worry about prying eyes. It's so remote that I don't even need to worry about changing in front of the uncovered windows!

Kau-tan and my cat Nihm are adjusting well. Nimmy spent the night on my bed last night. She's a freaking tank and hates the stairs, but she's getting over herself. Maybe it will help her shed a few pounds of her massive bulk.

All right, on to the pictures... It's too far too buggy to walk around outside taking pictures of the exterior, so these are all interior shots for now. I've never seen a place so full of mosquitoes! I practically need a blood transfusion after walking the dog!

Some shots from around my bedroom: The view from one windows looks out over Pharaoh Mountain, but it's too overcast to see much in the pictures. The other looks out into the space above the living room, and it's right next to the loft. 


Still a work in progress, but it's good to be here. I'll be sure to post more pictures as the desk area comes together more. ^^ I'll also try to get some good night pictures. The lighting in here is really neat. XD
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I finally uploaded my current wallpapers folder for anyone who's brave enough to download it. It's mainly Tiger & Bunny and Blue Exorcist (LOTS OF AMAIMON!!) but there's ALLLLLLLL sorts of things in there. Shota, 18+ porn, probably a few pictures of my dog, maybe if you're lucky some duplicates! There are things that will probably scare you, or make you rage, make your knees shake, or seriously confuse you. I take no responsibility for that. Almost all of them were grabbed from Pixiv. I own none of these and have created none of these myself. The file is super large at 1.06 GB! GRAB IT.

Thanks for always being awesome, everyone.

Post your favorite picture in the comments if you have a moment! Here's how to post a pic in a comment. LINK
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That's right! It's time for some serious post resurrection! It's been a while since I've posted an "Ask Me Anything". If it's your first time here, the rules are simple- You can ask me anything you want! It can be about me, about scanlation, about ANYTHING that you're interested to know more about! Nothing is off-limits. Probe me! Embarrass me! Force me to expose my VERY SOUL! XD <--filthy.

While you think of burning questions, here's some delicious picspam. Hopefully LJ won't be a dick, and will actually let me cut these...

Picspam below )

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My parent's architecture company designed this giant 8 foot replica of the Rock'em Sock'em Robots from my childhood! It's made completely out of cans of food that were afterward donated to the food pantry. His company participated in a fundraiser event where tons of different statues made from cans of food were created, and these were displayed at the New York State museum. In all, HUNDREDS of cans of food were donated! Way to go!

Here are a few of the other awesome creations! Click to view them full sized.

In other news, my adorable mother knitted this baby toy the other day... It's so cute! It's a duck AND a rabbit! it's reversible! you just turn it inside out and it's the other animal. How creative! My mom can knit just about anything.

AND! I'm moving back to New York! I'm thinking it will be Fall of this year. I'll be talking with my parents more about it in a couple weeks when I'm home with them on vacation. They've offered to rent me their summer home for the cost of what I'm paying here in Tennessee. It used to be an old live bait shop that my father tore down and redesigned from the foundation into a very modern feeling one bedroom small two story home with TONS of windows overlooking the Adirondacks. It's never been lived in except for when I used to bring friends up there for weekend long parties. I'm so excited I haven't been able to sleep. I'd go back NOW if I could! I'll be able to live with my kitty and my dog again, and not worry about my darling roommate's airheaded friends, and I'll only be 2 hours from my parent's house instead of 22 or something crazy like that. It's in such a small town that the closest store is one of those awesome old general stores called Mt. SEVERANCE county store. I'm serious! Look:

I love small towns!! I told my roommate that I was leaving last night. Waiting for the fallout. >.<
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This adorable fanart of our glorious Armani-chan by [ profile] mew_higurashi !

He's so cute! And so fat!
He loves raspberry yogurt cups.

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There's been some rumors flying around that I have pneumonia, and it's true. Thank you for everyone who has offered their concerns! *huggles* you're all awesome. I'm laying low and hopefully will feel better soon. I have a crappy immune system. >.< But it gives me a lot of time to do meaningless tasks, like the post below!

As many of you know (or have guessed) I practically live at my computer. Since my business and my hobby are both computer based, I have to stare at the same stuff every day. I figured it might be fun to take you behind the scenes a little and show you what my "world" looks like. XD I'd love to see your desktops and customizations as well! Post desktop screenshots in comments if you'd like. ^^ Also, feel free to ask any questions!
Oh my god I hate LJ sometimes. I can NOT get it to cut these pictures correctly. Just click the first one and scroll down. Ignore all the extra cuts. It was the only way to avoid clogging up your f-lists!






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For the last few days I've devoted pretty much every spare moment to Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee). I just can't get over how beautiful the characters are drawn. The men are SO hot, and the shota is off-the-chart adorable! If you have a thing (perverted or fluffy) about little boys in tears, this is the show for you! I think Lag Seeing cries at least once in every single episode. Normally, when children cry I want to shove them in a locker or something, but for some reason I just want to huggle the crap out of this little guy.
Oh, and I can ship anything, so for me this entire series is about a little shota going after his first love who happens to be more or less an adult version of himself. Sooo without further adieu, here's some Tegami Bachi picspam:

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