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You are my "people". My "kind". There may be a lot of us like-minded individuals, but we tend to be isolated by geography or social prejudices. Meeting other people who can carry on a detailed conversation about yaoi, or even better- doujinshi, is a lot like stars colliding. It's brilliant, memorable, and extremely rare. I think "our people" are prone to depression, self-loathing, and social issues mainly because we don't get a chance to interact much in person. Think about it- if there were only 10,000 people who spoke your language, scattered all across the globe, with not one nearby, of course you would be doing everything in your power to associate with them. Tadaa~ The internet. What a beautiful thing... We're finally able to interact with "our people".[Poll #1642793]


Aug. 20th, 2010 11:37 pm
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Cotton Candy flavored vodka rocks my world! It was totally worth all those orange sandwiches. I've already made quite a dent in it. *giggles*
Is it difficult to figure out how to pay on my doujin website? I keep getting people who place multiple orders and dont pay or return my emails...wth?! If there's a problem or its difficult to figure out, I need to address it somehow. But not now. No, right now I'm going to watch kaichou wa maid-sama and then probably kuroshitsuji again. When the roomie is away, the Phantom will play (with liquor.) Hahahaa!
And love to all the fans... because they deserve it. I do this for you, you know? Because I love you all! *group hug*
*dances in a circle and runs away*

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