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Lady Phantomhive Sales is now selling polypropylene doujinshi storage bags!
These protect your books from scratches, dust, moisture and fingerprints. Take your collection seriously and keep your treasures safe~!

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As some of you may know, I have a strong sense of what one might call wanderlust. I'm moving again, this time to the middle of nowhere in the Adirondack mountains, and it's going to take them about 2-3 weeks to set up my internet connection. D: HORRORS! However, life at The Hive must go on, so you'll be seeing some of our other glorious staff members posting releases here and such while I'm netless. [ profile] blackspandex and [ profile] yume_odori will be giving me a hand around here, so please give them a warm welcome. Thank you for your patience as some things may be slightly delayed while I'm rotting netless in nowhere~ ^^ ((PANIC))
I'll still be able to access twitter using my phone, so that's the best ways to contact me while I'm gone if a problem arrises.
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That's right! Brides- kiss your brides! Grooms- kiss your grooms! You can now get hitched!

It's about time!
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Yup! We've finally updated the Progress list with all the new delicious smut we're working on, so please check it out by clicking the above banner!
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Taking a weekend off, so there won't be a scanlation released this Friday.
Hang on tight~! See you next week.
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Click the pic to check out the current progress of our upcoming releases!
We've added an explanation key up top!
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Do not ruin this for the rest of us by continuing to reupload our files to other MF or MU, Youtube or 4Shared accounts. We will be forced to start password protecting the files, and everyone knows how fucking annoying password protected files are. Do I really need to explain why we only have one DDL link?? Okay here we go again- Our DDL link allows us to track what scanlations are popular, when people tend to download, what country the downloads are from, and track trends over time. WE USE THIS INFO TO SERVE YOU BETTER, SO DON'T FUCK IT UP!

See, now you've gone and made me mad.

That said, we're looking for more Lady Phantomhive Discipline Committee members.  WE NEED YOUR HELP. Think of it as neighborhood watch. I don't have the time to constantly be sweeping NIHONOMARU (one of our WORST OFFENDERS) and youtube, 4chan, and other places for unauthorized uploads of our scanlations. If you have some time, please help us out by claiming a website and keeping an eye on it for unauthorized uploads of our work. Also, if you know of any other places (possibly websites in other languages) that are breaking our rules, please contact me ASAP!

I'm just about the most easy-going person you will ever meet- but this pisses me off. (`ー´)Those of you who continue to uphold the rules around here, you have my heartfelt gratitude. *huggles* Rule breakers will be pinched several times in sensitive spots, then bitten to death.

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***WE NOW ACCEPT INTERNATIONAL ORDERS AT OUR ECRATER STORE!*** All orders will now be processed in one place! Yaay! How conveinent! If you don't see your country, or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

We've also LOWERED PRICES on all shipping, and many doujinshi! Shipping from 1-6 doujinshi to the USA is now only $4.95 for USPS Priority, and international shipping starts at just $11.95 for 1-6 doujinshi. That's two more books for the same cheap shipping price! Anthologies and super thick books may count as several doujinshi for the shipping calculator.

The international sales page on LJ will be removed, but the Phantomhive Sales community will continue to be active to announce sales and updates. ^^

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We've updated our sales again!~ We added about 30 new titles from different fandoms. We've also had to split our international sales page into two sections due to the length of the post. Let me know if anyone has any problems with that. It's more or less split down the middle right in the middle of the Reborn section lol. It's been less than a week since our last update, so I'm not going to spam all the communities yet, but I wanted to let you guys know that we've updated since you were all kind enough to follow me here. ^^
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Hurray! Our ad is now running on the Starighter website! I'm so honored to be affiliated in any way with the lovely Hamlet Machine and her awesome site. I'm crossing my fingers that this will help bring in the money I need to travel back to NY for my birthday in October. In the meantime, I'm just so proud to be on there that it almost doesn't matter. ^^ Many thanks to [ profile] siiy   for all her help making the graphics. I'm pathetic with creative thinking.
Click the pic and click around if you want to take a look. ^^

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We've updated again! Come check out the new doujinshi up for sale!
Shipping is still only $4.95 for 1-4 doujinshi within the United States!


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