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It was a fun time~ See you next week!

Lady Phantomhive Movie Night is for adults 18+ ONLY.
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Thanks for coming, everyone! It was a great time. Hope to see you again next week, and keep a look out for a poll regarding the next run of showings!
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Tonight's showing will be Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku OVA1! The first showing will take place at 5PM EST. We're turning on the podcaster a few minutes early, so join a bit early to make sure you catch the beginning and if you'd like to chat a while with some new yaoi friends. ^^ The second showing will begin at 9PM EST! There will be a livestream session in between, so you may want to stick around after the first session. Bring some popcorn and enjoy yaoi with friends!
(A brief side note- I LOVE this series because the voice actor who voices the seme also voices Gintoki from Gintama...Delicious!)

All Lady Phantomhive Movie Night sessions are 18+ ONLY. We will not hesitate to use the ban button if we find out you're under age, so use your head, folks.

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We're getting ready to start the broadcast of the first showing of Sensitive Pornograph for Lady Phantomhive Movie Night! This will be the censored version, with the uncensored version airing at 12AM EST later tonight. Come to one, or both! Meet some great new yaoi buddies, and chat with the Phantomhive staff. Bring your own popcorn, and pull up a chair!

I will be editing this post to include a DIFFERENT LINK for the unsensored version, so please make sure to check this post for a link to the 12AM showing.~ (The censored version will be hosted on yume-chan's channel, with the later uncensored showing will be hosted on the Lady Phantomhive channel.)
You must be over 18 to enter this livestream! It's porn. PORN!

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[Poll #1611779]

Sex Pistols: EDIT: (this was a misprint, it's only ONE OVA for now, the new one comes out in December. Sorry to break your fangirl/fanboy hearts~! >///<) Here's some information from ANN: CLICK HERE FOR INFO Screen shots 1, 2, 3.

Kirepapa: This is a set of two OVA, so if you pick this one you're committing to two weeks of it. Here's some information from ANN: CLICK HERE FOR INFO Screen Shots 1, 2, 3.

Sensitive Pornograph: This is a single OVA, and basically completely PORN. ANN: CLICK HERE FOR INFO Screen shots 1, 2, 3.

Maiden Rose: This is another set of two OVA, so this would be a 2 week adventure. My Anime List provides info for this one: CLICK HERE FOR INFO Screen Shots 1, 2, 3.

Ikoku Irokoi Romantan:
This is another set of two OVA. ANN: CLICK HERE FOR INFO Screen Shots 1, 2, 3.
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Thanks for joining us! Stay tuned for a poll we'll be posting soon with voting for our next movie night!
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Yes you read that right! We're going to be trying something new, and potentially TONS of fun! We're going to be running an open screening of Koisuru Boukun with English subtitles by Aarinfantasy through livestream. We'll be able to chat with each other while we enjoy this delicious yaoi OVA together. No "DOWN IN FRONT" or "QUIET IN THE THEATER" necessary! Fangirl/fanboy your hearts out in good company. If this goes well, we'll be doing it once a week with different yaoi oriented shows, and maybe a few series!

Our first attempt at this will be this Friday 8/27 at 5PM EST. We will have an encore showing at 9PM EST as well, so hopefully everyone will be able to make one (or both!) What time is that where I'm from? <-- click the link. Set your phones and mark your calendars! Bring your own popcorn. We'll be posting another banner when we begin with a link to the channel. Hope to see you there! Cross your fingers that we can pull this off!

Lady Phantomhive Movie Nights are for adults 18 and over ONLY, as some of what we will be watching is pornographic.

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