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My darling Kau-tan was laid to rest this afternoon. She died in my arms and I buried her with my hands under a tree I can see from my desk. I haven't cried so much in years, but I know she's at peace and very much alive in my heart where her soul will be forever cherished.
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I can't stop taking pictures and videos of my pets now that I'm back home on vacation. They're just so cute!
Awww Kau-tan! Who needs eyes when you're this adorable! The best desktop toy of all time!


This whole month while I'm home, I'm going to be spamming pics and videos (mostly of my precious pets) to twitter, so if anyone's interested, you can follow me  here:
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Read left to right.

Kau-tan is not from Missouri, but was kept as a breeder dog in the same situation for who knows how many years. Coming home with me was her first experience with grass, real dog food, and human affection. We can put an end to this together. Recognize that many pet store "purebred" dogs come from similar situations. Reputable breeders and the good ol' humane society or shelter are far better ways to find a loving companion.
**Scotlund Haisley is a real-life animal rescuer and senior director of Emergency Services for The Humane Society of the United States
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Can an ~18 year old, one eyed, blind dog with congestive heart failure still play? YES! My tiny puppy was just switched onto new meds a few days ago, and she's feelin' like a pup again. She picked up a toy and started playing for the first time in months.

Here's the game- She pushes the toy with her head until it falls off the chair. She then waits excitedly for us to return it to her so she can immediately push it off the edge again. It's a little frightening when she tries to nosedive off the edge of the chair after the toy (not realizing how far she is off the ground. It's tough being blind.) Thought I'd share this adorable little video with the Kau-tan supporters out there~ <3

The video's pretty shaky since my phone is only hacked to record video. Please excuse my darling mother in her bathrobe on her computer next to Kau-tan. **NO KAU-TANS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO** hehe

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I've gotten many fantastic gifts and birthday wishes today from friends, family and fans. Thank you all! I do have to say that one of the best gifts is the prolonged decent health of my very best buddy of all time- Kau-tan.

She went in for a checkup today. It's been almost a solid year since she had major surgery to remove her eye, uterus, all her nipples and some cancerous tumors. As some of you may remember, it wasn't looking good for her to make it through the surgery, but I'm so glad we decided to do it. The vet is surprised by how well she's doing. She seems happy and as healthy as a dog with congestive heart failure and zero vision can be! I couldn't have asked for better news!

It doesn't look like I'll be able to take her home with me this time, so she will continue to stay with my loving parents here in NY. T_T At least I know she's being well cared for. It's a huge load off my mind to know that she will most likely still be waiting for me when I'm back for Christmas. *squeezes her until her guts almost come out*

I got a new weight on her- she's 3.5lbs. It's amazing how such a tiny critter can hold such a huge place in my heart.

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My darling Kau-tan got her final summer haircut today, and she looked SO MUCH like a one eyed goat that she needed some horns. Too bad she doesn't have hooves.
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My darling Kau-tan got a haircut today. We had fun with ribbons~
Good lord, my girlie dog is girlie.

She actually looks cute with the single eye, there. *dies*
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She's just so cute when she plays~! Please pardon my cackling.

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That is all.
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...every so often this happens:

Normally I'm decent enough at scanning that books I'm done with look almost brand new. However, a very small percentage fall apart on me. It makes me so sad! All the pages are falling out. This ByakuShou I scanned tonight was so beautiful... At least the scans are really good. It sacrificed itself for the greater good, I say!
As a side note, it's so cold in here that I can't feel my feet.
Anyhow, it's come to my attention that I haven't given much in the way of an update on Kau-tan for a while, so here's a new picture (taken about two minutes ago.) She's a little damp from running around in the snow a little bit ago. She's grown in her thick, curly winter coat! The medicine seems to be working extremely well. The cancer has shown no signs of returning, and she doesnt seem to miss the eye one bit (she was blind before it was removed anyway, so it's not a big change.) Her congestive heart failure seems to be kept at bay with lasix, although I have to take her outside every three hours (yes, even at night!) It's kinda like having a small child, but isn't that just part of getting old? You go from being taken care of, to independence, and then when you're old, you need constant care again. It's part of the pact I made with her when I adopted her. She's been through enough, so all she has to do now is age without worry or pain. When her time comes I wont be ready, but I'll know I've done the best I possibly could for her.

Okay, enough with the sap. Yes, yes, yes, I love my dog. Keep an eye out for a new release friday. We've tried to adjust to friday releases instead of sunday, since that's what seems to be indicated as most desired in the poll we took. (Shhh... don't tell anyone, but it's going to be a nitro koutetsu piece!)
See you friday at The Phantom Hive!

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