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Our daring Yume-chan is going to be tied up with school for quite some time, and thus Lady Phantomhive Scanlations needs a primary editor to fill her position. This position requires a certain type of person: We work with difficult edits at a fairly fast pace, so you have to be dedicated and have some time on your hands. Since I'm the only one running the show right now, I can't take time out to train you, so prior experience editing manga or doujinshi is important. Please keep in mind that our editors need to be able to work on any fandom and pairing.

If you're interested in applying for the position, please send an introduction letter and some samples of your work HERE.

To apply, you MUST BE OVER 18. There are no exceptions to this. Please read THIS POST for more information about our tolerance of misinformation regarding your age.
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We're desperately seeking at least a few Japanese to English translators. Currently, we basically do not have ANY active translators. This will eventually force us to shut down completely. Ask your friends, neighbors, parents, grandparents, sex slaves, and dog if they know anyone who may be able to help. In order to translate for us, you must be over 18, and alright working with multi-fandom smut. Email us at, or click HERE
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The above memo just about says it all.
Here's the requirements:
-You must be over 18
-You have to have access to Photoshop and experience with it (manga or doujinshi editing experience preferred)
-You have to be able to work with different fandoms and rating levels
-A high speed connection is a really good idea unless you enjoy waiting for raws to download for hours on end...
-The main thing is TIME. Editing can take a lot of time, and we move pretty quickly around here since we release a project a week.

If you would like to give it a shot, we would LOVE to hear from you. Please send us an email with a sample of your work HERE. (PhantomhiveScanlations [at] Gmail [.] com)
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We plan to advertise our doujinshi store on the Starfighter website, but need an ad made up. We'd need one for the Starfighter website [120x600px vertical], and a matching or complimentary one for our doujinshi store website [175 x 196px]. We have a couple different background ideas, but need someone who is skilled with making banners/signatures/wallpapers and that kind of thing to spice it up some. We'd like it to blend fairly well with the Starfighter page's theme and colors, while still looking distinctly "Lady Phantomhive."  I'm terrible with color stuff, (can you tell?) so I figured I'd ask here and see if anyone would like to volunteer their skills. ^^ If your submission is chosen, your ad will be on the Starfighter website! (Just the thought makes me giddy...)
I'm going to be a little picky about what the final product looks like, since I'll be paying out of pocket for the ad space on their page, so it must look professional. >.< (Also, I couldn't live with myself if I downgraded the quality of my idol [ profile] hamlet_machine 's website! lol) I can provide the background images we're thinking of working with, but if you have your own original ideas, I'd love to see them too! I've never done any real advertising stuff before, so I'm nervous and excited. ^^
If you're interested in helping out, please email Phantom at for more details and links to the background images if you would like to use those. We're waiting to hear from you! XD
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Lady Phantomhive Scanlations needs your help! We're looking for reliable, mature and responsible individuals to help us uphold the rules of our website. Basically, your job would be to patrol places like 4chan, Nihonomaru, youtube, and run Google searches to hunt down the fuckers who are reuploading our scanlations and publicly let them know that we disprove, while redirecting them to the proper links and information. This is a constant problem, and we need it to stop.

We're not looking to start fights, so all exchanges must be amicable as possible. "Lady Phantomhive Scanlations does not allow reuploading of our projects. Please remove your link and reread the rules. Here's our original link and a link to the rules of our website." Something like that. You would also have to follow up and resend messages to those who do not comply. It's a daily job and a lot of work, so we're looking to hire a take on a few of you. You'll need to have a thick skin and be mature enough to resist the temptation to start e-drama!

Interested in joining the Phantomhive Discipline Committee? Shoot us an email at

We need a hunter!

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Click the pic or HERE to send us an email.^^
We're looking forward to hearing from you.~
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If you're unable to email using the memo, please send an email to
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The cuteness is overwhelming me! My original plan was for a much different feel, but it was just a tad too explicit for use in the general public. However, my friends get to sneak a peek! Cut is NSFW!
Shows my true colors ^^; )
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Lady Phantomhive Scanlations currently has a few openings available for Japanese to English translators! We work with all kinds of genres and fandoms, from gag and fluff to R20 ratings. If you're interested in joining our staff, please contact us!
You can view many of our future projects right here. See something that looks good and want to offer a hand? Send us a message.
Don't be shy. We don't bite (unless you're into that).
or manually email
Here are a few of the fandoms we work with: Reborn, Gintama, Gurren Lagann, Togainu no Chi, Death Note, Sengoku Basara, Melancholy of Haruhi, xxxHolic, Gamerz Heaven, Vassalord, Kuroshitsuji, Bleach, Hetalia, Persona, Tales of the Abyss, Original work, and more!

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