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For a long while now I've been the bags that cover my personal comic books from Their ordering system was a little scary but I never had a problem. Recently however, all my emails bounce back from all their listed contacts. I haven't tried to call (I'm very phone shy >////<);... I was wondering if anyone could help me find another source for these bags.

Golden Age Comic Book Bags (1944-1950) 7 5/8" x 10 1/4" by a brand called "Fun Yet"

Or ANY other brand that has the same measurements. I've bought other sizes, and they're just not right. Anyone have another type of bag they use that they prefer?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!
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Long story short, I somehow didn't realize that I didn't own this one until a few weeks ago, and it's the next one in this series! I went back looking through all the 7Men Zippo books trying to figure out which one was next and realized there was a hole in the story line, and this is it! In order to move forward with the rest of this series (most of which has already been translated) we must first tackle this unexpected project, since it's crucial to the storyline.

Are there any Japanese to English translators interested in taking it on? It's about 40 pages, and would require an experienced translator. You MUST be over 18 to contact me about this. <--Seriously.  EMAIL ME.

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BOYS IN SKIRTS. OMG We're subtitling it! FUCK YEAH!!!! *fist pump of awesomeness*

One of our editors used to work for a fansub group, and is willing to do it once the translation is complete while she trains me for the future! Pretty cool, huh?? I've never taken on such a project, and I can't wait to get started on this tomorrow.

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Heavy Chain by Rock'n'dolless. I'm hoping one of you knows if this doujinshi has been scanlated into English yet. I have this giant massive crush on Ken and this is just about the most delicious I've ever seen him! I'd like to work on it if it hasn't already been done, so please let me know. I couldn't find anything, but it just seemed to beautiful for no one to have touched it yet.
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I have an unknown file that I can't decompress/open from the iMac. It's a .krm file (?!) and contains PORN!~ More than likely SHOTA porn, so if you're agreeing to help me, be aware of that please. I need to be able to get these files into a more normal format. This was purchased by my roommate from a Japanese website, and apparently you need a certain kind of manga reader to use it. Well, we don't have that reader and can't use it on our macs (idk the name of it). Anyone interested in helping us out? *puppy eyes* I'm completely windows illiterate, and I don't want to have to purchase anything. >.<;;

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