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We've got tons of great books in need of translation! If anyone is interested and willing to translate, please contact us HERE.
You must be over 18 and able to translate Japanese into English to apply.
Click the pic for a closer look at the tack sheet!
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I'd like to buy some sticker flakes, since I'm running out. Does anyone have a mixed grabbie (duplicates okay) that I would be able to get fairly cheap shipped to the USA? I'd also be interested in sticker sheets and deco tape if you have them. Anyone who's ever gotten a package from me knows I go through a lot of this. XD
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Is it impossible? It's by 7Men Zippo. It seems to be sold out everywhere, only appearing periodically on auctions (and it's not there now.) After reading the translation for the BL version that we're currently scanlating, I've decided that I really do need to read the female version (and yes, that's female Tsuna). If anyone can help me get my hands on this seemingly rare book, it would be HUGELY appreciated.

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