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To top off a completely horrible month, I wrecked my car a few hours ago.
This month:
I got swine flu
Then I got pneumonia
My grandmother died
Then my grandfather was hospitalized with heart failure
I almost had to put my dog down, and found out she has congestive heart failure
And now I just wrecked my car, and I don't have collision.

In an area full of hair-pin turns, I was headed to the vet to get my dog her refill on her pills. Went around a blind corner and there was a bird in the road. Swerved a little to miss the bird, and hit some loose gravel near the shoulder. It spun me around and slammed me head first into a tree. My airbags didnt deploy, so i slammed my head into the steering wheel and bit all the way through my lower lip. Knocked myself out for a couple minutes it seems, because I sort of realized what happened a bit later with blood from my nose and mouth all over my jacket. EMS, Police and AAA came. No concusion, and I dont need any stitches, but I'm damn sore. I'm alright, but the car is totaled. It doesnt look so bad in the pictures, but the radiator is trashed, the front bumper and hood, fender, and headlight assembly and seems I bent the frame. About $6000 in damages. Fuck. At least I have my life and I missed the stupid bird.

Thank god its the first day of a new month. *Sigh* I'm gonna go get an ice pack for my broken face. </rant>

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