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So here's the first Balls of Doom review! You've been waiting, I know! My friend Nepenthe and I reviewed the Yakisoba ones first. The balls are a light brown color, and don't smell all that bad... Kind of like a mix between noodles and candy (which is appropriate.) At first they taste almost exactly like Yakisoba! Very strong and only slightly sweet. Kind of like soy sauce. It's tolerable if you just suck on it, but we decided to chew them after several minutes. That was a horrific mistake! What was before tolerable but strong flavored, suddenly became completely overpowering! It was all I could do to avoid spitting it out. 
We decided to give the Balls of Doom a rating system. We are rating them on palatability and authenticity of flavor from 1-10. 1 being low, 10 high. 

Utsunomiya Yakisoba drops:

Nepenthe: 8
Phantom: 9

Nepenthe: 6
Phantom: 4

Up next is the Sasebo Hamburger flavor! I'm looking forward to it (kinda)! 

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About 6 months ago during some late-night-not-quite-sober adventure, I ordered all these tins of this very odd candy. I had them shipped by sea and completely forgot about them. Apparently these are candies that capture the flavor of regional specialties, like Kushi-Katsu from Osaka, Kumamoto Noodles, Takoyaki, Motsu-Nabe, Chinsukou from Okinawa,  Yakisoba from Utsunomiya, and let's not forget hamburgers from Sasebo and baked potatoes with butter from Hokkaido. Yes, buttered baked potato candy. I tried that one and it TRULY tastes like a baked potato. See my Lotta Crunky bar and the NOTIME gum? I just love shit like this. The NOTIME gum is green, and tastes like a trip to the dentist. It's super soft and loses its flavor completely after 5 or 10 minutes, but maybe that's when you're supposed to spit this dental gum out anyway...? Haven't tried the Crunky yet, but damn, i'm looking forward to it.
Hell yeah for strange balls of doom!

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