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He looked like he wanted to try it. I didn't know he would grab the spoon, wrench it out of my hands and basically completely cover himself and the cage in mashed potatoes... *sigh* There's going to be some cleaning to do around here. Lesson learned! Click for full sized madness.

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He's always hamming it up for the camera.

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If you listen closely you can hear him smacking his lips while he eats at the end. XD He's so silly.
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Armani-chan made a surprise appearance today while the lights were on (rare in my world). Maybe he wanted to fight the vacuum cleaner or was hoping I'd dance for him or something, but either way he was out munching treats, so I recorded it. I can't help but tickle his belly when it's all exposed like that. XD

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He's lying on his back on my chest in the pouch eating almond slices. I keep snapping pictures and tickling his belly. The things he puts up with for almonds. XD
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This adorable fanart of our glorious Armani-chan by [ profile] mew_higurashi !

He's so cute! And so fat!
He loves raspberry yogurt cups.

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Do you see why I call him peek-a-boo-chan? When the lights are on like this, he's generally sleeping, but sometimes randomly I look over and am greeted to sudden cuteness overload. I can't hear him pop up, so sometimes he's watching me like that for a long time before I realize he's awake. He'll watch me work for 20 minutes or so, then go back to sleep.
It's so adorable! 
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Chipped nail polish is chipped.
It finally looks like he doesn't seem to mind me touching him. XD
Is... Is this marsupial friendship??
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My little man likes raisins a lot. He particularly seems to enjoy eating them while hanging upside down... I can't get enough of how cute he is! I figured I would share it with you. Sorry it's so dark! He doesn't really enjoy coming out if it's bright (big eyes = likes the dark). If you turn up the volume you can hear him chewing. It's actually quite loud! He only smacks his lips like that when it's something he really likes (raisins, dried mango). It's a little shaky because I was trying to hard not to laugh!
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I figured I'd take a minute to give you all an update on my sugar glider befriending progress. We're slowly getting better acquainted and less frightened of each other. I'm no longer afraid he's going to bite me with his creepy long bottom teeth, and he's no longer afraid I'm going to eat him. He comes out of his cage to climb around behind my computer, eat my food and pee on my stuff.
He spends every day with me in this purple pouch that I hang around my neck and tuck into my shirt. It makes me look like a total douche bag, but these animals are marsupials, so they like to sleep in pouches where they can hear a heart beat. It's supposed to help with the bonding and hand taming process. If I open the pouch while he's snoozing during the day, this is the adorableness that lurks within.

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He's just so darned cute! Hopefully one day he won't make terrible noises at me when I try to pet him.
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My friend [ profile] clever_user_id sent me these super fun penis candies. <3! I live for this kind of thing. I was sitting here at my desk sucking tiny cocks when I saw my little sugar glider's grabby hands sticking through the bars of his cage. We've been bonding over the last several days now that I've got this ridiculously over-sized zipper pouch that hangs from my neck. Sometimes he gets little treats for being awesome and not barking at me. One of his favorites is Konpeito, a Japanese traditional hard candy made pretty much of straight sugar. They look like little mines, which makes them easy to hold and let him lick without allowing him to take it away somewhere and eat it all. One of those candies will last us several weeks as a treat. Well, apparently this has created a sweets-seeking monster. And who can say no to that adorable face? These super fun penis candies don't have spikes to hold on to, so he got it away from me and back in through the bars. (Don't worry, he only had it while I was filming.) Sorry for the cell phone camera video. I was trying hard not to laugh and scare him the whole time. Something about it is kinda perverted. lol He really seems to like that authentic banana flavor.

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It's lonely here without my little Kau-tan dog. My house mate's ex roommate left a little critter here when she booked a few years ago, and my roommate has been grudgingly taking care of the tiny beast. Unfortunately it wasn't getting the best care. It's a sugar glider, and they need a lot of specialized attention and a specific diet. I offered to move him into my bedroom and take care for him (as long as he was willing to purchase it's food.) I'm hoping the relationship will benefit us both. ^^ With the help of [ profile] urusai_lilania I super cleaned the fuck out of his disgusting cage so he could start fresh with new toys and a stink-less living condition.

Sooo basically the little guy is mine now. His name is Armani. :/ He's pretty much like a little flying squirrel made up of about 90% eyes and 10% tail. At the moment he's not very sociable since he's been neglected for about two years, but we're working on making friends. He's super motivated by food, so I'm using it to my advantage. lol My loving roommate used to just feed him whatever he had been eating for dinner, so he has learned to like food thats extremely unhealthy for him, like chicken nuggets, rice, and bread. His diet should consist completely of fruits, bugs, and eggs. I've been weaning him off his disgusting fast food and mac and cheese diet and onto his appropriate meals, but he's obviously less than thrilled. (I truthfully have no idea how he survived as long as he did on that kind of diet...)

So little tidbits of carbs are now used to get him to come to me, and it's working really well! He rockets out of his little hanging bag and reaches his tiny monkey hands through the bars trying to grab at whatever he hears me eating. Today he got a little tortilla from a snack I was munching. He's normally only out in half-light, so I haven't been able to photograph him until today. He's becoming more comfortable with me, so he came out to snatch some food and love.

I'm going back to my parent's house in NY for two weeks to celebrate my birthday, so he will once again be in the hands of the nugget-giver. Hopefully he will continue to keep up his decent diet and not revert to french fries again. Wish us luck!~ :D It's nice to have someone to depend on me again. It will be even more amazing to see my dog after almost 6 months. I can't believe I've really been gone that long!

Anyway, all of Friday's activities will including the doujinshi release will be handled by my darling Yume-chan this week in my absence, so please make sure to say hi and give her some love.~

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