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I have good news for anyone who's been drooling a bit with all the baking I've been posting. I'd like to start selling baked goods to sell in the USA by mail order to make a tiny bit of extra money, as the Phantomhive household is currently struggling a little to feed the immense black hole of a cat we keep around. ^^;

I can make a large selection of goodies, ranging from fresh yeast breads to candy. Below is a list of some of the available products, but if you have a suggestion I'd love to hear it. Shipping will be flat rate USPS Priority which will reach almost about any state in 3 days. It will come out of the box fresh, moist and delicious.

Valentines or other holiday chocolates
Chocolate peanut butter oat cookies
Chocolate peanut butter coconut balls
Rocky Road Candy (Chocolate, peanuts, marshmallows)
Raisin bran muffins
Corn muffins
Zucchini bread
Banana bread
Banana nut bread
Honey and milk bread
Honey whole grain hazelnut bread
Whole wheat walnut bread
Sunflower seed whole grain bread

If you live in the USA and might be interested in ordering some goodies, leave a comment and I'll see if this venture is worth undertaking. <3 Thanks for helping support a tiny home business! ^^
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I wanted to make something nice for my father, since my parents are coming here for the day and all of my cooking is always directed towards my mother's tastes. I decided to make rustic beer bread, which is incredibly easy although it takes a lot of time to rise. I don't drink beer, and had one extra bottle of my father's still in the fridge from the last time he visited, so I decided to make it into this beer bread for him. I made it strictly of whole wheat, which apparently isn't the best for a fluffy bread. This is more like a crusty bread for use with soups or jam, not exactly a sandwich type. Next time I make it I'd probably do half white flour or bread flour and half whole wheat to make it a little less heavy. It's pretty darn healthy this way, though! I hope he likes it. Here's the recipe before I haplessly modified it into something way too heavy.


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